Care for Child Development was developed by UNICEF and WHO. This course focuses on the ‘How’ of ECD. It enables participants to gain practical skills for counseling and supporting caregivers and families in order to enhance responsive caregiving. The course has been tailored to encourage exploration of content and reflection on how to support the development of all children regardless of their health, developmental, or socioeconomic status.


This course is offered through a 5-day in-person seminar.

It features presentations, videos, and practicums in health facilities and in the community. Learners also have an opportunity to make toys and play items for children using locally available materials in preparation for their site visits.


The course is highly useful to anyone who directly manages, assists and/or delivers ECD programmes or activities and who wishes to enhance their skills working with children and caregivers.


Upon completion of the 5-day seminar, participants also benefit from a mentorship programme designed to provide further technical support as they go out to execute their action plans.


Successful participants will be awarded certificates of completion.


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