• Providing children with a healthy, stimulating environment in their
    earliest years pays lifelong dividends.
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  • The Science of Early Child Development course leverages
    and builds upon a plethora of Science of Early Child Development
    (SECD) educational resources developed by the AKDN and Red River College.
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  • Find out more on the knowledge mobilisation initiatives designed to make
    current research engaging and accessible to individuals interested in the
    impact of the early years on lifelong health and well-being.
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  • "There is no better way to build strong, prosperous,
    fair societies than by investing in early child development".
    Kofi Marfo, Director, AKU Institute for Human Development
  • The ECD Hub has a team of highly skilled experts in various
    ECD-related fields, including early learning and education,
    health, nutrition and protection.
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